Dan Morales-Walsh is 29 years old and has been working with stone for over half his life. Working with his dad was his first exposure to stone. A few years after, when the economy took a hit, he started working with other companies. Working for a few larger landscaping companies in the southern Maine area over the next several years allowed him to learn various skills and numerous ways to approach projects. Though learning many aspects of stone work and hardscaping, his passion lies in what can be done with two hands and a pile of stones. 

In 2013 he begun to build at fort Williams ship cove beach. The goal was to learn the skills needed to understand complex dynamics of dry stone structures only using the stone provided at the beach. Simple sculptures begun to become more advanced and after awhile he was featured on “207” as well as in the local section of the Portland Press Herald.

2018 has been a big year for Dan. Just after the New Year, Dan set off to Europe to learn more about dry stone walling. He spent four weeks in England learning from some of West Yorkshire’s and Lancasters best dry stone wallers. He then spent a week in Caithness, Scotland learning from the areas Master Dry Stone waller, George Gunn. His hopes in this trip was to gain the skills and insight to take the Dry Stone Walling Associations of Great Britain’s level 2 dry stone walling certification test. In May of 2018, in Holstein, Ontario, Canada at the Northern Canada Dry Stone Series, Dan successfully passed this level 2 test, skipping the level 1 test.

Dans focus has now become to further the art and timeless craft of dry stone walling in Maine and New England.